Dye-ing for something fun

I’m not lucky like most women; I don’t have very long hair. Which can be painful when certain hair trends come in. I also can’t really bleach my hair. Well I could but my last experience left me almost bald. It can also leave me with a limit of hair options.

I am on the other hand very luck because I (like all women) can get hair extensions. They are fantastic alternatives to your own hair especially if you’re someone like me who doesn’t really have the hair of her dreams.

Purple and grey

I have recently fallen in love with the grey and pastel colour trends and after weeks of research on hair extensions, toners, dyes and how to apply (YouTube really came in handy here) I found some amazing products and finally changed my hair from its regular dark brown and highlighted look to a “funderful” and silly purplish grey.

I’m not a professional when it comes to hair dye but I am always willing to try something new and this was as new as it gets for me.

The biggest issue I had in this process was finding the products needed to create grey hair (grey hair dye isn’t easily found around my area). I googled grey hair dye in Canada and found out that Wella is sold in Canada and at a store that is close enough to get to, Sally’s Beauty.  After heading over to the store and talking with the associates I picked up the things I needed and got started.

I got my hair colour by using Wella 050 – Cooling Violet, T14 Toner, T18 Toner Salon Care 20 Volume developer, and Wella Colour Charm 1N Black with the activating lotion (Black dye not pictured).

The process wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Honestly the dying process and toning really depends on what colour you are going for with your hair. Because I really wanted my hair colour to have a colour other than grey I decided to use the cooling violet and tone the colour down which gave me some amazing greys and purples.

Wella productsI dyed the roots of the hair extensions first with the black hair dye and then went in and dyed the rest of the hair with the cooling violet. The hair extensions I bought were already platinum blonde which really worked in my favour and could work in yours as well because you won’t have to tone the hair before dying and possibly toning again. You can also save yourself a step by finding hair extensions that come with black roots already. I wasn’t so fortunate in regards to that but I didn’t mind the extra work.

Dye TryHere are the ratios I used for all of the dyes/toners:

  • 1N Black –> 1 part dye, 2 parts activating lotion
  • 050 Cooling Violet –> Half a bottle of dye, I filled the developer to the highest line
  • T14/T18 Toner –> 1 part toner, 2 parts developer

The toning process is relatively straightforward. After I finished dying the extensions and washing out the hair I decided which pieces I wanted lighter and which I wanted darker. I went with longer hair lighter and short hair darker. The instructions for the toner say to leave it on for 30 mins but I left mine on the lighter hair for 40 mins which pulled a lot more of the purple out of my hair extensions and left me with more of a grey. I washed and conditioned my new hair extensions and voila!


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Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

7 thoughts on “Dye-ing for something fun”

      1. I think your quite brave 😝 although I have been just about every shade under the sun. Going grey public is not something I think I would ever do. I think it looks super cool on the young ones like you 😭😭😭


      2. On the contrary I think it would look fantastic on you. But i do understand some hair trends are a bit scary. I fiddled around with a few colour options before I finally decided on the colour I have now .

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