Day One: Even a Craft Show can Cause Pain

When I agreed to do this challenge I didn’t take in mind that my life doesn’t just revolve around shopping, but my friends lives have recently started to do the same.

Felicia: “Hey, Gabby is still going to Barrie. Want to come and help?”
Me: “Yes I’m down.”

Seemed completely innocent and fun. Gabby had a craft sale that she needed help with and I always told her I would give her a hand. Saying I have no intention of shopping never really came to mind but when I walked into the huge arena and saw the custom mother/daughter leggings I realized that I had made a huge mistake (I contemplated changing my challenge to no shopping for a week). I hated that I had agreed to help Gabby out because the arena was a flurry of purses, clothing, activewear, custom jewelry and everything else in between.

The first part of the day I glued myself to the chair at Gabby’s stand doing everything I could to not look to far ahead (or behind, left or right). I wanted to keep myself occupied and tried not to listen to all the amazing deals and features being shouted from across the room. Felicia was my biggest enemy; she was free to spend her time and money on whatever she wanted. Leggings, purses, scents, even makeup, but I was determined, I would not, could not shop.

Four hours into the day I decided to shift myself from the safety and security of my little black chair and moved around the room. I watched the faces of the people looking at the products and the smiles on the vendors faces. In order to make it through the day and even the weekend I would have to find joy in simply counting the calories I was burning while walking laps around the arena.

End of the day…finally and we were able to pack up. Felicia with three bags (two medium and one filled and bulging at the seams). I felt like such an idiot. Why did I decided to challenge myself.

I’m doing this as kind of a personal protest. I disagree with the sweatshops,
child labour, and poor quality of clothing that we see.
I would love to see the art of fashion be revived again.
When things were imagine and created by people with passion
Not by people who see dollar signs in the poorest villages and tiniest hands”

I strongly believe that there has to be another way. I must prevail.

Gabby and Felicia start to talk about the next day’s plan and the things that they want to buy when they have time.

In my head mini Eva is having a protest of her own; how long she can hold her breath until I give in and start shopping again.

Mini-Eva  0 – 1  Eva
The fight begins

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Eva L.

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