Feeling Like a Junkie

Mini-Eva: “Just look at it”
Eva: No. It’s not worth it.
Mini-Eva: “You never know. It’ll make you feel better.”
Eva: “Stop it.”

Talking to myself; five days into a 365 day challenge and I have developed a strong inner dialogue that would make Shakespeare proud.  I feel like a junkie trying to avoid all the things that make me think about shopping.

Is it wrong that I consider myself junkie? I mean not to lessen people who actually have a drug addiction but how can excessive shopping not be considered an addiction. It may be considered one but I don’t really wanna look it up. I’m a fashion business student….not a shrink.

As I was saying the things that I’ve been trying to avoid are as follows…

Mini-Eva: “You can’t escape.”
Me: “I’m not trying to escape, I need to use the bathroom.”

5 days…Frankly the fact that this is so difficult makes me wonder why? I mean it’s just shopping right?

Mini-Eva: “No it’s not JUST shopping.
It’s the thing that makes you feel happy.”

My internet browser is nothing but online stores….and Netflix. I stare at the screen, scroll over every top site link. I close my eyes and move the mouse around until I feel like stopping…Netflix.

“Thank God. Bones Marathon it is.”

Published by

Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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