Two Years Later….

Two years.

A lot can change in two years muff.
Just you wait and see.

The wise words of my mother rang in my eye as I read The Guardian’s article about the two year anniversary of the Rana Plaza incident tragedy. Over 1,000 lives were lost and at the time I barely gave it much thought (I wonder how many readers will have to google Rana Plaza to see what I’m talking about).

Fast fashion is the worse thing to happen to fashion

My professor was very opinionated on the matter of fast fashion, which at the time was what the workers of Rana Plaza were creating.

Deciding to remove shopping from daily routine has made me fill my time with other online habits (good ones 🙂 ) such as reading up on local happenings, yoga and keeping up with the new tech in fashion. Reading the Rana Plaza update though really upset me.

I know we are not all able to help those in need but I feel like the companies that had production in the failed factories should have given more then just pocket change. Fast fashion has become popular for it’s constantly rotating products, up-to-date trends and of course it’s low price tag.

Seeing the angry faces and wide open mouths of the Bangladeshi men and women on The Guardian’s article made me realize that the price for fast fashion goes far beyond the price we see in stores.

As painful as it may be to learn the truth; should I really be another to turn a blind eye?

Two years ago….I would have said yes.

What would you do?

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Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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