Back to School Boho

Boho is my love.
It’s relaxed…
It’s flowing…
It’s soft…
It’s BOHO. 🙂

B2S Boho

On the first day of school I embraced my love for the style but add my own little quirks and embellishments. This is the other part about boho that I love; you can express it in whatever manner you feel.


I love the ease of the boho look. I mixed my pink silk cami with a light kimono (nothing screams beat the heat than a kimono). The pattern of the kimono gave the look a bit of pop while not completely overpowering the rest of the outfit. Black leggings have become such a staple of apparel and pairing them with the cami and kimono pulled the outfit together nicely. Minimal…yet ornate.


Accessories can add or take away from the overall look and for this outfit a simple heart pendant on a long chain continues the minimal yet ornate look. From afar the pendant is just a heart but up close it is etched with a beautiful floral design. The outfit is topped (pun intended) with a simple grey scarf wrapped around as a sort of wide headband further accompanying the boho theme.


What is back to school without your luggage in this case a sweet pale pink and black purse accented with a bow on the front pocket. Add a cute pair of black and white flats (I call them my dalmatian shoes) and the look is complete.



Published by

Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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