What’s on my Desk?

So I have been in school for a couple of weeks now and truthfully…I haven’t had time to think about my challenge which has been perfect. As long as I am concentrating on school work I feel like it may make it without losing what’s left of my mind.

Today’s post is all about my study area and all my little tips and tricks.The final year of my program is jam-packed with group work and individual assignments. College/University can be so hectic and no matter how hard you try to keep on top of things…sometimes you just can’t.

I’m gonna start on the left.IMG_4361

I really like this trick because after having my daughter my brain has turned to mush. 😦 During the school week, as I am assigned projects I like to write them down on post-its and lay them at the edge of my desk. I write down my due assignments in multiple places (agenda, calendar, icalendar) but since I spend so much time at my desk having the post-its there gives me a bright orange reminder that I just can’t ignore.

IMG_4359 I love having a little tower organizer; you can do so much with these. On the top I put my due assignments in order (whats due first is on the top) the bottom layer has any notes, and books I may need handy while at my desk; at the moment, it’s my fashion technical flats book. Organizers are always a great desk buddy (when they are used).

IMG_4364 What’s a study area without a laptop? Front and centre is my baby, I love my laptop. Having the right laptop for your lifestyle can make your life a little easier. My laptop handles all my school work and hobbies (blogging, video editing, Photoshop, etc).


Onto the right, I have a book holder on my desk. It’s handy for any textbooks or extra notebooks. Pretty straight forward. I really do love having organizers.


I don’t really use the drawers of my desk all that much. But my top drawer houses my external storage drive when I don’t use it. Externals are awesome for backing up your computer and saving homework. This one is a 1TB and it’s almost full (I’m in the market for a 2TB now). I also have a rechargeable charger; these are great for College especially if you have trouble finding a free plug to charge your iPhone or iPad.


It’s not actually on my desk, but my calendar is an important part of study area. You can have a visual reminder of all your due assignments, upcoming events and any appointments. I actually like this calendar better than a calendar on my phone or laptop because this one is right in front of you. You don’t have to open an app to see when you have coming up.


Last but not least, the right corner. I have my pair of glasses (prescription) which I should honestly start taking with me to school but i lost my case (and keep forgetting to get a new one). I keep my iPod close because sometimes you just need to tune the world out and focus (and groove). I like keeping hand lotion on my desk. Sometimes I find that my hands dry out from writing notes (mostly in the winter) so hand lotion is always…handy 🙂 My little stapler is my buddy; it stays on my desk and comes with me to class because…you never know when you’re gonna need a stapler. Finally, I have two cups of assorted pens, pencils, highlighters, dry eraser markers (for my calendar) and a couple sharpies.

I’m so happy to be in my final year of college.


I have no idea what I’m going to do with my desk after I graduate.

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