Happy-ish Two Months

It’s been just about two months since I decided to stop shopping for a year.

It feels more like 8 months…

It has been made quite apparent from my friends and family that I’m much more snarky and angry than before I gave up my shopping habit.

I’m not gonna lie. I really hate not buying anything (especially when you are sitting in a group meeting and your group mate has just purchased the cutest over-the-knee boots that I’m pretty sure would go perfectly with a black skater skirt I have). But it did make me wonder; what has changed in the last two months? 

Not shopping has opened up some other possibilities. Family time has become more of an essential part of planning. So far I’ve saved about 1,250 (give or take) by not buying anything new. I’ve sat down and actually planned a summer vacation for the family. It’s exciting to think that cutting something so small has given my family something that will create amazing memories.

I’ve also noticed a change in my health thinking…not like a New Year’s Resolution, but an actual change in the way I’ve thought about health. How much time do you think about shopping? Or…how much time in a week do you actually shop? Seriously think about it for a second; then imagine what you would do if you didn’t shop. What would you do to fill that time?
At first I sat in my room like a toddler having a tantrum and stared at my laptop screen dreaming about all the things that I could buy if only I hadn’t watched that documentary and didn’t think it was actually necessary to think about others (emotional ramble…sorry). I changed my thinking and decided to concentrate on my health (no I’m not a vegan now, I really like a steak fresh of the bbq. Sorry again) but I have taken more time to think about what I’m eating and what I’m not eating. Even my sleeping patterns. I don’t sleep all that well but that is mostly because this is my graduating year and the final assignment is JUST INSANE but i have been sleeping slightly more sound.

Overall these two months have been extremely difficult and even more fulfilling.

Try it, no I don’t mean give up something for an entire year; but try giving something small up for a week even and see how you feel. Log off your Facebook for a day or two, go for a dinner date and leave the cell phones at home.

Published by

Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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