That Fall-ing Feeling

Staying true to my no shopping challenge I’ve decided to put my love for shopping into new outlets.

I’m currently in my final year of fashion management and I’ve gained a new love for using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This has given me the ability to add to my wardrobe without spending from my wallet. The next step would be to hopefully one day create these.

Here’s my first “collection”

Fall-ing Feeling

Inspiration: Fall, Plaid
Feel: Cute, comfortable, simple style

I’m absolutely in love with fall. When the leaves stand to fall off the trees all I can think about is being a kid and throwing piles of leaves in the air. Now that I’m an adult I spend less time throwing leaves in the air and more time racking them.

Mixing soft fleece plaid, cotton and ponte fabric together in sweet, fun fall pieces can give any adult a feeling of childhood again.

Xoxo 😀

Published by

Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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