Green with Envy

Hello all of you lovely readers/bloggers

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday. It gives me the excuse to sit in a onesie with my boyfriend and our daughter, watch Christmas movies and eat tons of junk food.blazer-and-sequined-shorts

But the season is over and my mind is thinking NEW YEARS. I saw this absolutely adorable outfit featuring green sequin shorts on Pinterest last night and it killed me because I knew I couldn’t buy it ( 4 months into a 12 month on shopping challenge). Rather than stay envious I decided to do a makeup look inspired by the sweet sequinned short combo. 

I found a few of my earlier eyeshadows pigments and was in luck to find a green that suited the look. Here’s the makeup list:


I used extra eyeshadow primer for this look because I really wanted the green to pop. I smoked it out with shade fashionista and brighten the inner eye with some white pigment.

I used liquid liner instead of cream this time (I think it was mostly because I was in a rush and wanted to see the finished product). I’m still working on perfecting the winged eye look. You never realize how difficult something is until you really try to do it well :D.

Anywho…Here’s the finished product.

Don’t ask me why I did a nude pink and a dark lip….I guess I wanted a colour comparison 😀


XoXo ❤






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5 thoughts on “Green with Envy”

  1. I love #Tarte products! Thanks for sharing! Great post! Keep it up – would love to collab with you sometime 😊💗 xx #BeautyBloggers


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