Feature Friday: Ashley Elizabeth

Hello Lovelies,

Today I wanted to feature a fantastic Youtube beauty blogger that I’ve been following for sometime. I know her personally and her sweet spirit and bold yet adorable makeup style always inspires me.12499252_10153777419213936_435688571_o

Most of my lovely blog followers have a passion for beauty and fashion and Ashley definitely portrays her passion and skill in every looks she creates.12527806_10153777419363936_1626250336_n

I managed to pull this makeup loving mom away for a moment to answer some questions about her ever growing makeup-filled world.

When did you start you blog?

“I started my Youtube channel in 2011, I also had a blog at the time but I decided to focus just on Youtube. But I might think about venturing in to having a blog as well again”

What inspired you to start your beauty blog?

“I was inspired by other Beauty bloggers/vloggers. When I was home with my first son I was watching a lot of youtubers and reading a lot of blogs and suddenly one day while my son was napping I thought to myself “I can do this too!” .. So from there the journey began and I have loved every minute of it.”

What is your favourite makeup brand?

“This is the most difficult question ever! I have to say Make Up Forever.”

What is your favourite makeup style?

“For me when it comes to make-up it is all or nothing. I must say I enjoy both dramatic looks and natural looks.”

What makeup trend do you think should stop in 2016?

“Hmm.. Glitter Brows for sure! I mean most things look amazing glitter-filled but eyebrows are not one of them!”Untitled

Is there any makeup trend that you have a trouble perfecting (cateye, contour)?

“I must admit I am terrible when it comes to the cateye/ winged eye liner ..It’s almost just better I don’t do it at all!”

What is your favourite part about being a beauty blogger?

“Inspiring others!”

What is one piece of advice you would give current/aspiring b-bloggers?

“Be yourself! That is what blogging/vlogging is all about.”

Here are a couple videos from Ashley’s Youtube channel:

If you need a little beauty inspiration click here and subscribe to Ashley’s Youtube channel.12511657_10153777420628936_1742038402_n

XoXo ❤

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