GlamGlow Poutmud Set Review

Hello my lovely readers,

I wanted to do a quick review on the GlamGlow Poutmud set. It’s been out now for awhile now and I’ve used it quick a few times since I’ve purchased it.

As usual I love the packaging it came in a sweet pink double opening boxing with a unique design, definitely the GlamGlow style.IMG_4611

The instructions are relatively simple…

Grab a decent amount of the poutmud and pucker up. I make the most dramatic “duckface” I possibly can and  rub it on my lips for about 10 seconds (the actual instructions say 5-10 seconds but, go big or go home I guess. LOL).

When you are done exfoliating your lips you can wet your finger and give your lips a little extra tingle by activating the fizzing feature of the poutmud. At this point I don’t pucker anymore. it lets more of the poutmud fizz spread over your lips.

After a little fizz I use warm water and rinse it off and then apply the lip balm and voila! finished.

Application: 6/10 – Although the overall application isn’t difficult, the poutmud itself can make a bit of a mess when you are trying to apply it. I have pretty big lips and it was kind of difficult judging approximately how much to use.

End Result: 7/10 – Glamglow Poutmud does do what it says. Gives you softer lips and exfoliates but I have tried many other processes using things I have around the house (coconut oil and sugar, mascara wand, even a toothbrush). The lip balm is super fantastic though and I had to give it extra points for that.

Price: 4/10 I bought the Poutmud set (fizzing treatment and the lip balm) which came to $49.00 CAD personally, overpriced. The price is even worse when you buy the products separately ($30.00 CAD) which kind of confused me a little but I didn’t think that it would be worth the amount of money considering the end result and the fact that many people can find similar products for a much cheaper price.

New Years Resolutions-3

…Of course all of this is my own opinion and you should always give something a chance if you really want to try it….I am still a huge fan of the Glamglow line but I think they missed the mark with this one.

XoXo ❤


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