Hello Lovelies,

While I was sitting in class today my teacher (in all of his lovely wisdom) reminded us that in about 8 weeks we will no longer be college students…we will be college graduates! It’s exciting to think that soon I will be among the rest of the working force (hopefully the fashion working force).IMG_7876

As with most things in life, you get to a point when you decide whether you will continue on your routine or take the other path..I choose option B

I will be in the process of re-inventing my blog page. Same idea (fashion/beauty) but a new fresh, “I’m a graduate” kind of look.

It might get a bit messy but hopefully the outcome will be for the best.

New makeup post coming tomorrow.

XoXo ❤

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Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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