Stila Correct and Perfect Palette Review

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

Colour correcting has always been a crucial part of makeup application for many people but lately I’ve been seeing it pushed more into the spotlight. I recently bought the Stila Correct and Perfect Palette and so far I am really seeing how a good colour correct can change everything.

I’ve never really used a colour corrector before. I’ve attempted with a friend’s CC but it didn’t turn out very great.

I love that the Stila Palette includes everything you’ll need to correct you skins colour before applying your foundation.

  • 5 cream colour correctors
  • 2 powders for further finishing and correcting

I was also pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and found a step-by-step of which product to apply on certain parts of your face; It made for a much easier application. There is also a breakdown of what each colour in the palette was made for, so if you have other problem areas you know exactly how to cancel it out.IMG_5663

The cream correctors went on so beautifully, and blended into my skin without to much rubbing or dabbing. It wasn’t very difficult to apply the palette while following the careful instructions and also adding in a little extra something for my own personal skin.

All in all I give this palette a 10/10 I was a bit wary because it cost $59.00 CAD but the price is longer an issue because of the amazing difference.IMG_5650 copy

My skin looks brighter, more full of life and the dark circles under my eyes were almost completely gone. A little bit of concealer to finish it off and you would even know I was up all night. 😀

My eyelid didn’t have a dark look to it and actually matched quite beautifully to the rest of my skin.

The dark pigmentation on the side of my forehead is gone which is fantastic for when I decided to go for more of a strobing look rather than a contour.

All in all my face just looks more awake and I haven’t done anything but add a bit of colour corrector.

You can check out more on the Sephora website here

Hope this helps.

XoXo ❤

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