#GirlBoss Office Creation

Hello Lovelies,

I am so very excited! Finally graduating and getting to leave the college life has been such a great accomplishment but even better than that is the fact the I am already hired in an amazing position with a great company.

Even better than that my good friend Justine and I are staring an apparel e-commerce company. We aren’t quite sure how to go about it yet but we know what we want to sell. That’s pretty darn important.

With the start of my “adult” life I want to create a super sweet GirlBoss office for myself but I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start. So I am asking my amazing readers. I don’t have much space to work with and I am assuming that I will be spending a majority of my summer renovating my sun room into the ultimate office space but who better to ask for help than all of you amazing beauty bloggers, fashionistas and lifestyle gurus.

So I have found a few options that I really love from subtle to super-glam what do you think check out the pictures and cast your vote. If you have designs you’ve seen or your office is already the Ultimate GirlBoss space and you think I might like even more feel free send the pictures my way.

Hope to see some votes coming in. You guys are the greatest.

XoXo ❤

Published by

Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

4 thoughts on “#GirlBoss Office Creation”

    1. Aww thank you very much. I hope it does too. We did a bit of shopping this week but now I have a million ideas haha.


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