Viva Las Vegas!

Hello Lovelies,

Left to Right: Jaya, Jenna, Mandy and Me.

Long time, No blog! I know.


So much has happened but in order to go through everything I would probably be writing a novel and I’m not 100% sure you would want to read that. 🙂

Last week my friends and I went on a rather spontaneous trip to Las Vegas (this trip started as a weekend at a cottage) and Even though most people only think about the casinos and clubs Las Vegas/Nevada has a lot more to offer.

James Turrell Art Installation

Mandy is definitely the artsy on in the group and when she said we were going to see an art installation in Louis Vuitton I was honestly a bit confused. If you don’t know who James Turrell is or what kind of art he creates; watch Drake’s Hotline Bling. The setting of his video is inspired by Turrell. The Louis Vuitton in Las Vegas (Shops at Crystals) has quite an amazing collection of art, unfortunately we weren’t able to take any pictures. Luckily, Turrell also created a beautiful piece within the mall itself and we were able to take photos there….just to give you an idea of his work.

Our final day in Nevada was spent driving to the desert. Some highlights…
– Jenna’s dancing
– Driving into nothingness
– Watching the temp go from 85º to 106º IMG_8642

Valley of Fire State Park

Jaya is the “Fashõn” person in our group and really wanted to get some good shots for her instagram (non-clubbing photos). We wanted to go to the Grand Canyon but 4-5 hours driving didn’t seem like a possibility. The Valley of Fire was a little over an hour outside of Las Vegas and truthfully worth the scorching heat. You really do lose your senses while you are standing there. Even in photos it’s hard to tell what is close up or far away and what is high or low.


Las Vegas/Nevada offers so much and it’s all absolutely fantastic. We didn’t really do the typical Las Vegas things (Stratosphere, Freemont Street, etc). But we did hit a few clubs and gambled (about 100 bucks between the four of us 🙂 )

Encore Beach Club

Definitely a place we will be revisiting.

XoXo ❤


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