My 5 Matte Makeup Saviours

Hello Lovelies,

So sad summer is over but I even though the cold is coming we have a bunch of things to look forward too. PSL are back at Starbucks, Halloween makeup tutorials are coming and NYFW is here!

Even though summer is gone I wanted to share the makeup that saved my face while I sweltered and sweat in the Toronto summer heat.

img_64765. Benefit Pore-fessional Face Primer

I got a sample of this from Sephora at the beginning of summer and I am so glad I did.
Pros: This primer is fantastic if you wanted to down play those pores and give your skin a matte finish.
Cons: I found that this didn’t last as long (4-6 hours) as I would hope especially while when the temperature reached 25ºc and up.

img_64754. NARS Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Primer

I’ve had many eyeshadow primers but I always come back to this one.
Pros: This primer goes on white and dries transparent and the primer really keeps your eyeshadow in place so you don’t have any creasing.
Cons: I actually don’t have any cons for this product.

img_64703. La Roche-Posay Serozinc Face Spray

I bought this while I was in the UK at a Boots and I cannot wait to get back and buy three more bottles.
Pros: This spray really gives your skins a matte look after spraying and any redness in my face or overnight pimples seem to almost disappear soon after I apply it.
Cons: It’s a bit difficult to work out exactly how much you spray on your face. It comes out in a pretty fast stream and when you get it in your mouth it tastes pretty awful. It also kind of sucks if you don’t have a matte moisturizer because it almost completely cancels out your mattified skin from the spray.

img_64792. Makeup Forever Mattifying Primier

If you want to make sure your makeup is matte than this is most definitely the primer you will want.
Pros: Ultra mattifying, long lasting formula and great alone or with makeup.
Cons: If you happen to use a bit to much in one area it will give your skin a dried out look. Blending is key with this primer.

img_64731. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

This is my ultimate makeup saviour this summer. I am completely in love with this product.
Pros: Super mattifying formula and it spreads very well. I also love that this is a skin tint and not a full on foundation. It gives me great coverage and doesn’t make my skin feel tacky or full of product. It’s so easy to apply and it gives you an instant mattifying effect. It lasts most of the day (unless you get a good sweat on).
Cons: I would say that the only con I have found isn’t because of application. It is a bit limited when it comes to shade options but other than that its absolutely fantastic.

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