NYC Adventure. Pt.1

Hello Lovely Readers,

Yellow cabs, Subways, Skyscrapers…can you guess where I was? Oh New York City! What a wonderful place. After coming home from our summer Las Vegas trip I was in need of another short trip away (because who doesn’t need a vacation from their vacation)?

One text in the group chat and I had three partners in crime for a weekend in NYC ❤ 

The Road Travelled.

We decided to drive to NYC because our last road trip to the Ring of Fire State Park was quite a great time. The views on the way were miraculous. Beautiful washes of burnt umber, green, yellow and red lined the roads on the way through Pennsylvania and we all agreed that all the towns looked like they came straight out of an episode of Gilmore Girls.

No road trip is complete without a bit of quick stop food and for us it was McDonald’s. Jaya and Joanna had an ingenious set up using the middle cup holders as their own personal restaurant table. Why eat inside a noisy restaurant when you can dine in style and comfort in your own car.

Night driving was a little rattling considering that we aren’t pro road trippers but the views were still killer.


Finally in NYC

We arrived a little after midnight to our cozy Brooklyn AirBnb and our fantastic host welcomed us with everything we would need to know to get around New York, a wifi password and best of all a bottle of wine.

The backyard of our AirBnb gave us a great photoshoot area and we took full advantage.


We finally gave up on the photoshoot and decided that we would get to the sightseeing. Although we snuck a few silly shots while commuting.


Good Enough To Eat

We found a super cute restaurant to have breakfast before heading to our first stop. Little did I know that I had seen the restaurant before. The owner (I think he was the owner) was an extremely friendly guy and the sign he had outside his restaurant was very familiar. I had seen it before on Facebook.

*apologies to Trump supporters*


All I can say is WOW! What a breath-taking example of architecture. The building was one giant spiral ramp with every inch covered in masterpieces that would make any aspiring artist drool. From the lighting to the art the Guggenheim was absolute perfection.



What an amazing start to our vacation and the greatest part was that it wasn’t even lunch time yet. 😀

To be continued…



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