NYC Adventure Pt.2

Hello Lovelies,

To continue with my New York Story…We made our way to the MET. What a fantastic segway into the afternoon.

Jenna had a killer Gossip Girls moment and posed on the steps in true Serena Van Der Woodsen style.

Egyptian history is definitely my thing, so naturally it was the first place we went.

In between some stellar Egyptian artifacts we managed to strike a few poses.

The MET has some pretty fantastic architecture which really made photo taking extremely easy. No matter which way I pointed the camera, I found something to take a great picture of.

Onto the America exhibit of the MET. From stone and tombs to wood, stain, and upholstered chairs.

Our final stop in the MET was the Asia exhibit.

The rooms were lightly decorated and truly zen in nature. Soft colours and peaceful decoration in many of the rooms made it a great final room before getting back to the hustle and bustle of the busy New York City streets.

Times Square

It’s loud and busy and such a wicked spot to take hilarious  friend photos.

I honestly don’t think I’ve taken that many photos in public before but it was truly a great moment.

Grand Central

We ended our night in NYC with Grand Central Station. I’ve seen it in movies and heard it is spectacular so no matter what I knew I was going to love it, and I definitely did.

New York City is a really beautiful place. Art, culture and stunning architecture everywhere! I cannot wait to get back…although I think I will have to bring a few more SD cards with me. One full day in New York City and I took about 400 pictures! I cannot wait to go back, maybe in the winter. I would love to see what NYC in the winter is like 🙂

XoXo ❤

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