My Favourite Youtubers

Hey lovelies,

January is already over!! Wait? When did it even start?

I cannot believe everything that has changed in the last few months. Peyton + Alex (my online store) is up and running and our new SS17 collection is being produced as we speak!

Okay well enough about that, Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite beauty bloggers on youtube right now. New Year/New Bloggers!

I don’t watch all that much on YouTube but when I have a binge I really love getting in some new bloggers (just to change things up). So here are faves!


I love her beauty blogs and reviews. I actually stumbled on her blogs while looking for makeup trends to ditch. Her 2016 makeup trends that need to end made me laugh so hard I just had to subscribe and she hasn’t disappointed. She has such a great personality that even filling in her brows becomes hilarious! Her makeup looks are very bold and fun which is fantastic and she doesn’t hold back on product reviews (whether she likes them or not)



Shameless Maya isn’t just makeup, skincare and lifestyle, it really feels like she does it all. I love going on her page to look at tech advise and opinions. Her Slumber Parties are amazing and she features a lot of really great bloggers in her videos. They talk about marriage, sexuality and so much more.



CANADA REPRESENT! I really love watching Sonjdra’s videos. She has a really unique look I spend a lot of time imagine if I would look okay with my head shaved. I really love how real she is example, she loves to use her hands to apply makeup; even when she has perfectly good brushes. She uses what she knows best and she comes up with some amazing looks.



My last blogger favourite is actually a duo. The sorry girls are another Canadian youtube page I really like to visit and their name is hilarious (sorry girls….Canadians say sorry a lot. Don’t know if that is the meaning behind it but I love it). They do killer DIY videos and some of the stuff is absolutely outrageous. It’s pretty incredible what you can come up with for home decor and craft ideas and these girls seem to have it all thought out.

I really love adding new bloggers to my repertoire. Do you guys have any that I could check out?

Thanks so much for reading!

XoXo ❤

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Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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