March Skincare Faves

Hi Lovelies,

Skincare is so very important to me. I absolutely love makeup but the last thing I want to do is cake up my pores. Our skin already suffers from air pollution, stress and diet so giving it a little TLC is always a good thing. Having great skincare products can also help the longevity of your makeup looks and the amount of product you have to use on your face.

I know it’s already almost May but I’ve had this post sitting unfinished for weeks! (real talk) I’ve been so swamped with work/life my blog life is falling stagnant 😦 Nevertheless it is complete now for your viewing pleasure.

I love testing out new skincare products but these are some of my staples, the ones I will be keeping in rotation no matter what.

SIMPLE Cleansing Micellar WaterFinished (2 of 6)
I first saw this used on Jackie Aina’s Youtube channel and I was a bit skeptical about water that would act as a cleanser as well. I WAS SOO WRONG. I live for this product. I can use it daily and my skin always feels fantastic. It removes any excess oils from my face but doesn’t leave my face feeling dried out (I’m a combination skin girl). I also really love that I can use it as a makeup remover. My skin reacts terribly to makeup remover. My eyelids dry out and get really sensitive but the Micellar Water does a great job removing the most glittery eyeshadows without damaging my sensitive eyelids. It also means that I don’t have to spend extra time scrubbing at my face to remove foundation.

MASKS!!Finished (6 of 6)
I have been using the GLAMGLOW Supermud mask for about two years now and I am still a HUGE fan! I recently added the Origins Charcoal mask to my regime and I will most definitely be keeping it in for years to come. I like having a mini spa day on the weekends and its usually when I bring in these babies (not at the same time) I love how fresh and clear my skin looks after I use these. Baby soft and plump. My nose and t-zone are pretty awful when it comes to pores and these masks definitely diminish the look of them.

Sunday Riley Luna Night OilFinished (3 of 6)
!SPLURGE ALERT! Sunday Riley products are pretty expensive but they really work wonders. I love the Luna night oil but again, like the Micellar water I was a bit scared. The idea of leaving oil on my skin (when I’m already kind of oily) gave me a bit of anxiety. After using a tester (Sephora is awesome for testers) I realized that I wasn’t breaking out. The retinol and other ingredients help push fresh new layers of skin to the surfaces and it does it pretty quickly. I don’t use the night oil every night but I bring it out as a BIG GUN. When I have some blemishes or I am suffering the effects of workplace stress I love bringing out my luna oil to tackle the tough stuff.

Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

I’m pretty sure we’ve all used this at least once. I’ve continued my faithful devotions toFinished (5 of 6) these handy strips. Yes, there have been some new and “improved” versions but I still like sticking to what I know (yeah I know the charcoal ones are technically new but the tech is the same lol). Bioré strips always deliver a blackhead free nose and soft, smooth skin…so why change it up 🙂


Ren Keep Young And Beautiful – Instant Firming Beauty Shot

This is my new baby. I got a sample of this from the Sephora Chinese New Year Finished (4 of 6)bag….LOVE IT. I have pretty huge pores and because of my combination skin I am constantly trying to find that perfect balance of oil free and not “dry my skin completely out”. I love this product because it really does instantly firm. I also notice that my patchy, part oily/part dry, pore minefield has all of a sudden become a soft silky even mask that any Disney princess could be proud of (subtract the dark circles that my mom has informed me is a family trait). I really love using this it’s a bit on the pricey side ($65 CAD at Sephora) but it really is phenomenal. If you aren’t sure, do what most Sephora worshippers do….take advantage of the free samples (at every Sephora within bus and driving distance) and test it out for yourself. 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed my skincare faves. What are some of your favourite skincare products? Do you have any dupes for some of these that you really like?

XoXo ❤

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