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IMG_3484Two days complete at my attempt to accessorize and I fell like I am completely falling. My overall plan was to accessorize my daily outfits and I pretty much tossed a piece or two of jewelry on with what I am wearing, whether it works with the outfit or not.


IMG_3483Monday was a complete flop for me. I woke up late and was just a complete disaster. All I managed to scrap together was a couple rose gold rings. I love the rings to be honest, they came in an amazing set with glittery bands alongside plain, minimal rings.

I wore the plain bands only on Monday because I felt like my floral pants was the main draw for my outfit. i have to say though rose gold rings and matte red nails looks really good.




 Another failed attempt at accessorizing, well not as failed as Monday but I did manage to drape my long minimal necklace on with a silver chain anklet. I felt a bit better that I added two pieces but I honestly haven’t gotten a grasp of accessorizing my outfits successfully. In the morning I have a million and one different things that I have to do and after putting on weight I pretty much lost my zest for…well anything. Putting some shiny jewelry on didn’t seem like a useful activity in the morning. Especially when I had to make sure I…

  • Woke up on time (I’m always about 15-20 mins late waking up)
  • Have breakfast (a slice of multigrain toast with unsalted butter counts right?).
  • Help my bf get our daughter get ready (She’s SUPER into this Youtube Star named Ryan!)
  • Make sure our daughter finishes her breakfast (It takes about 20 attempts…she’s got the will of a bull)
  • Make sure our daughter brushes her teeth (The bull thing remember).
  • Pack my own lunch (thank god for leftovers).
  • Fill my water bottle (and put it in my backpack…you’d be surprised how many times I’ve forgotten the second step).
  • Get any Etsy orders packed up and ready to send out (Doesn’t happen as often as I would hope)
  • Take some kind of instagram photo for the day (Etsy stores don’t advertise themselves)

Nonetheless I was still reeling from my Monday fail and I probably let my Monday fail effect my Tuesday attempt.


XoXo ❤

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The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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