It Started With My Knees

Friday Apr 16th:

I’ve essentially spent the last week in utter agony. My knees (mostly the left) have been burning and extremely sore.

I decided to take the plunge and stand on the scale. Why do you ask would knee pain spark the idea? Those wondering must have never had joint issues and gone to the doctor about them. The first thing out of a doctor’s mouth is “exercise or physical activity is going to help reduce the issue”, so I figured I had to see what I was working with.

You know when you do something and then immediately regret doing that thing.



Nevertheless here I was on my scale in absolute horror, wondering where I went wrong and why? WHY? (Well I know why, it was all the snacks and a lack of activity but….WHY????)

262.4lbs !!!! Yeah I’m putting out there.
Would you like it again 262.4
…..say it with me…2-6-2.4

I’m saying it publicly because after my ugly cry (on the inside like a winner) I realized that it’s not permanent, not only that, it’s not the worst thing in the world. My mom, in her infinite, wisdom said “that’s nothing muffin! It could have been 80lbs more than you thought”. When she said that all I could think about was the episode of The Simpsons where Homer put on a ton of weight so he could work from home for whatever reason but my mom was right. It could be worse and it’s not the end of the world. It’s four numbers! Four numbers that from today until I decide to stop will get smaller and smaller. Those four numbers will change around giving me both positive and negative feelings but they are not forever.

So here I am. 262.4 lbs and determined to get rid of not only my knee pain but maybe a bit of wiggly bits here and there.

XoXo, Eva

Published by

Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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