My Eyebrows Aren’t Even

…….my eyebrows aren’t even…..

that’s an easy fix

tweezers fix everything

which one should I fix?

the right one you idiot, it’s longer

fine! right it is.

maybe your eyes are just different sizes.

not everyone has symmetrical faces

hmm? are you sure?

my left eye is a bit more slanted….

there’s a hair on your chin

UGH! whatever

people will see it!


they talk about it for sure

whatever, I’ll get rid of it then no one will see

there’s more…

five…five hairs

five hairs, five pounds

five pounds

five hairs for five pounds


if only you could pluck the five pounds

if only

if only…

ten pounds


then people wouldn’t stare at the hairs

they wouldn’t stare….

why are they staring?

you know….


come on….

my face isn’t symmetrical


the hairs on my chin


my body


i’m odd



mommy, you’re so beautiful



nothing, i just…


thank you sweetie

am I beautiful?

you’re perfect

so are you! I Love You

I Love You!

can you lay down with me?

of course sweetheart, I’m coming

yay! okay.

… eyebrows aren’t even…..



Published by

Eva L.

The unofficial social media maven and product photographer for Trinity Sisters & Co. Avid macrame lover and documentary nut.

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