My Eyebrows Aren’t Even

…….my eyebrows aren’t even…..

that’s an easy fix

tweezers fix everything

which one should I fix?

the right one you idiot, it’s longer

fine! right it is.

maybe your eyes are just different sizes.

not everyone has symmetrical faces

hmm? are you sure?

my left eye is a bit more slanted….

there’s a hair on your chin

UGH! whatever

people will see it!


they talk about it for sure

whatever, I’ll get rid of it then no one will see

there’s more…

five…five hairs

five hairs, five pounds

five pounds

five hairs for five pounds


if only you could pluck the five pounds

if only

if only…

ten pounds


then people wouldn’t stare at the hairs

they wouldn’t stare….

why are they staring?

you know….


come on….

my face isn’t symmetrical


the hairs on my chin


my body


i’m odd



mommy, you’re so beautiful



nothing, i just…


thank you sweetie

am I beautiful?

you’re perfect

so are you! I Love You

I Love You!

can you lay down with me?

of course sweetheart, I’m coming

yay! okay.

… eyebrows aren’t even…..



Pumpkin Palooza

Hello Lovelies ,

Fall is here and it means it’s time for my favourite part of the season; Fall leaves and the smell of chimneys burning a fresh log.

Our first fall event came a little latte this year, due mostly to the unseasonable warm weeks that preceded our outing, but it was worth the wait.

My besties, and our kids packed up and headed north to Port Perry to go to Willowtree Farm’s Pumpkin Palooza! Goat’s, wagon rides and of course pumpkins were on the menu for the afternoon and it definitely hit the spot and put us in the fall mood.


Best posing post ever!

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen a goat up close (and if I have I was to young to remember) but I have decided they will be on my list of favourite farm animals. The goats were so welcoming and only wanted to be pet and scratched. This little goat followed us around the pen a few times to get a coupe extra scratches.


Chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits and one lonely calf were also amongst the group in the farm that Willowtree offered and the kids loved it (not as much as the parents, I think we spent more time with the animals than our kids did).


We roamed through a corn maze (also a first) and got so lost we probably walked into a full on corn field. The line “don’t be over confident” kept playing in my head as we walked circles around the maze. Peyton and her cousin led the way and while I followed and filmed (peyton has a youtube channel) I realized just how easy it was to get turned around. It was hilarious listening to the “Marco” “Polo” callings in the field and the laughter of the others that were also “pretty confident” but we ultimately didn’t make it out of the maze and ended up exiting back the way we came.

After failing the corn maze we made our way to the pumpkin cannon, which was THE BEST! It was insanely fun shooting gourds out of the cannon and because we all have paid to use it we had plenty of opportunities to shoot at the target. The winner received a free pie, but none of us had the strength to shoot far enough.


Finally we made our way to the pumpkin patch and of course the best way to go to a pumpkin patch is by wagon.


The pumpkin patch stretched out pretty far and we had ample opportunities to find the biggest pumpkin possible. Of course the pumpkin picks were all Peyton’s because she was going to be the carving artist.


We trudged through a pile of itchy, pointy thistles and jumped over a few not-so-lucky smashed pumpkins to find the pumpkin Peyton thought was worthy (I learned a lot more about how particular my daughter was in this moment).

The day was a complete success and Peyton has 3 whole pumpkins to paint and carve to her heart’s delight!

It was such a wonderful day I couldn’t have asked for more (well maybe a tad warmer).

What has been your favourite fall activity this year? Let me know below!

XoXo, Eva


It Started With My Knees

Friday Apr 16th:

I’ve essentially spent the last week in utter agony. My knees (mostly the left) have been burning and extremely sore.

I decided to take the plunge and stand on the scale. Why do you ask would knee pain spark the idea? Those wondering must have never had joint issues and gone to the doctor about them. The first thing out of a doctor’s mouth is “exercise or physical activity is going to help reduce the issue”, so I figured I had to see what I was working with. Continue reading It Started With My Knees

My 3 Fave Outfits of June

Hello Lovelies,

Canada Day has come and gone which means I have my favourite outfits for June. Here in Ontario it’s been a wash of different temperatures but I have three outfits that I have really loved putting together.

Striped to Perfection


I really love the striped pants in this outfit, it really is the vocal point. A simple cropped tank and a small purse finish off this look.

I have worn my rose gold clear sunnies a few times. But I loved how they added a little bit my drama to the top of my outfit.

The black straps are from my black bralette and play the role of jewelry for this look. I tried adding a necklace or a choker and I just couldn’t find something that really hit the spot.

The overall look is a bit more casual. A day downtown on a patio with the girls is definitely the perfect feel.


Pants – Forever21 Plus | Top – Forever 21 | Purse – Ardene’s | Sunnies – Torrid | Bralette – Torrid


Brunch Babe

IMG_0150Being a girl of almost 6 feet I found that maxi dresses never sit quite right on me. They almost made me look like my dresses were kind of right. For the most part they never really sat well and I just gave up.

I love the way a knee length and midi length dresses hit me they accent just right and do wonders for the curves.

A little black dress is never out of style. I added a sweet little red and white striped button up for a touch of colour. I tied it up as a crop and rolled the sleeves for warmer weather.

I topped it off with my mom’s box clutch. I love adding a little bit of vintage whenever it’s possible.


Dress – H&M | Shirt – Forever 21 | Purse – Vintage (sorry)

Floral Explosion

IMG_0165This outfit is definitely our of my comfort zone, but the moment I saw it I fell in love and I’m so very glad I bought it. I actually bought this outfit for my trip to Mexico and it was a smashing success.

I loved the wide leg pants of this outfit. The were extreme complimenting of my figure. They are very light weight which is perfect for the summer and they are high waisted which is my favourite fit for pants as well.

My only negative with this outfit is the sleeves for the top. The upper arm hole was a bit tighter than I would have liked and even though it did stretch out after an evening of wear, it was definitely less than comfortable waiting for the sweet relief of elasticity to kick in.


Top and Pant set – Forever 21 Plus | Earrings – KDBE

Thanks for reading!

XoXo ❤

In Simplest Terms….I Failed

Last week I made an attempt to accessorize my outfits for 6 days.

I know I was supposed to have all this wonderful info about how great the rest of my accessorizing week went but truthfully that’s not what this post is about.

This is how I successfully failed to finish my week of accessorizing.


It’s wasn’t actually a terrible day. I managed to add some gold accessories to my outfit. A really cute anklet from Forever 21, it was a simple one strand with a fishtail chain pattern. A simple gold chain necklace and my rose gold glasses (although I opted not to wear the glasses when I got to work). I really though I was finally getting into the groove of accessorizing. I felt great and was so excited for the next day.


My optimism was great on Wednesday, my cold was greater on Thursday. I woke up with a crazy cold I could barely get myself out of bed and the idea of even picking an outfit was tiring and put me in the midst of a toddler’s temper tantrum. I slapped some tights on and put a bit on concealer under my eyes and off to work I went. Sick and sleepy I slowly walked to the end of the driveway and hopped into an Uber (there was no way I was gonna walk today).


I completely gave up on my accessorizing by this point. I was sick and all I could imagine doing was sleeping. I was home by 6:15 and in bed by 7:30/8:00. Waking up was something my brain was wired to do and getting dressed was such a mindless activity that by the time I got to work on Friday I didn’t even realize I had picked out clothes. On Saturday I went to my friends house, we hung out and gossiped and laughed, Got some killer ice cream and ate some delicious salmon. I went home and curled up completely content with the fact failed my week of accessorizing. I didn’t want to do this by force, I truthfully wanted to try to add some life in my minimal outfits with some accessories but even though I didn’t make it. I really enjoyed the attempt.

XoXo ❤

6 Days of Accessorizing

Hi Lovelies,

Getting back to the swing of things has been insanely difficult, but I am determined to succeed.

I’ve been inspired by the “5 Days of…” series by Lucie Fink on refinery 29 and I wanted to challenge myself to do certain things during my week.

This week is accessories… Continue reading 6 Days of Accessorizing