What A Great Birthday

Hello my lovely readers, I am so happy to blog two great things today.  1. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY Birthdays are my absolute favourite thing to celebrate. Even if they aren't mine. AND 2. 1000 likes. Wow guys!!! This is all because of you. You have been amazing with all of your likes and comments it [...]



Hello Lovelies, While I was sitting in class today my teacher (in all of his lovely wisdom) reminded us that in about 8 weeks we will no longer be college students...we will be college graduates! It's exciting to think that soon I will be among the rest of the working force (hopefully the fashion working [...]

RIP David Bowe

Hello Lovelies, Today I wanted to take a moment to say a sad goodbye to Mr. David Bowe. If you haven't heard his music or sat down and watched Labyrinth you definitely should. I never knew him personally (I wish I did) but his unique character and personality inspired many and will live on forever. You [...]

Reminders For The New Year

Reminders For The New Year

This is a great post. Don’t let 2015 follow you into 2016.

For The Love of Blonde

A few things to keep in mind this year…

  1. It’s okay to be scared: Do things that challenge you whether it’s starting a new workout plan or starting your own business. Let yourself be a little scared but also brave enough to conquer your fears, whatever they may be.
  2. If they mention it more than once, it’s bothering them.
  3. Do not change who you are to impress someone else: Who cares what anyone thinks? If a person doesn’t like the way you live; the way you look to the way you do things, forget ’em! You were not put on this earth to impress anyone.
  4. Fall in love with someone who never lets you fall asleep thinking you’re unwanted: There’s nothing better than this.
  5. Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person: People change but memories don’t.
  6. Nothing is permanent: New year, new chance, new opportunities. Every day is a new chance to redefine…

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Morning Motivation

We spend so much of our time wanting to be like the celebrities we see in the tabloids that sometimes we forget to look at all the awesome, wonderful and beautiful things we have in our own lives. You may not be a millionaire but I'm sure if you step back and look at that [...]

Positivity Post

Hello All, I have recently begun meditating again in the mornings. I started doing this when I was in college, it was actually a requirement of part of my program (I was taking acting but apparently yoga, meditation and dance were a part of it.) I forgot how hard it is to become completely quiet. Freeing [...]

Positivity Post

We all have those moments or days when we don't feel like a million bucks. Having a great friend or group of friends to melt those feelings away is always the best remedy. Adele has some great quotable moments but this is definitely one of my favourites XoXo ❤

My 2015 Epic Fail Picks

There are only a few weeks left of 2015 and while skimming through old Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram posts I found a few fails that either gave me a laugh or sparked a great deal of outrage and conversation. Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner has been the topic of many controversies in 2015, well lets [...]