DIY Marble Deco Clock

My best friend and I are always talking about how we would decorate our house. Soon, we realized that some of the things we have can we changed into something new. Here is one of our DIY attempts. It’s actually a lot easier than you think. Continue reading DIY Marble Deco Clock

NYC Adventure. Pt.1

Hello Lovely Readers,

Yellow cabs, Subways, Skyscrapers…can you guess where I was? Oh New York City! What a wonderful place. After coming home from our summer Las Vegas trip I was in need of another short trip away (because who doesn’t need a vacation from their vacation)?

One text in the group chat and I had three partners in crime for a weekend in NYC ❤  Continue reading NYC Adventure. Pt.1

Vendors for Vendors: The Beginning

“We worked for ten days straight making jewelry.”
“My fibro is going crazy…I’m losing my voice that’s how I know its getting bad.”

Some of the things that I heard from the mouths of vendors at a craft show this weekend in Barrie, On. Reading these you may think that it is because these people were working so hard and selling so much that they were tiring themselves out. Unfortunately this was not the case. Continue reading Vendors for Vendors: The Beginning