One Year

In February of 2015 I was given the most amazing opportunity to spend a college semester abroad in Scotland. I was able to learn about some parts of the UK economy and  things that are affecting the fashion and retail world around us.

One of my final projects was to complete an entire line of clothing inspired by the Green Movement that is increasing in popularity around some parts of the world. Learning about some of the amazing brands and stores that are doing their part to preserve the planet made me feel like I could  try to do more. Upon arriving back in Canada I was determined to do something that would help not only the planet but also the way we look at fashion and clothing. After a week of thinking I felt completely defeated and even more lost. After watching the documentary The True Cost it sparked an idea.

I will not purchase one piece of clothing or accessories for an entire year.

At first I thought; how hard could that be? But then I realized just what I was telling myself I could not do. Shopping isn’t just an activity, but a huge part of my personality. How in the world would I every make it for one year? As I started the process of creating the rules for my challenge I realized this could be so much more.

Materialist Rehab is not just a No Shopping Challenge, it’s my way of protesting the horrible treatment of those who slave over sewing machines in hot and dangerous warehouses to create clothing for people that consider themselves better than the rest. It’s a page dedicated to the art of fashion not just the income from it. This page is also my way of showing that clothing doesn’t have to be a one season only item; almost anything can be recycled and made into something new and possibly even better.

Day One: Even a Craft Show can Cause Pain

When I agreed to do this challenge I didn’t take in mind that my life doesn’t just revolve around shopping, but my friends lives have recently started to do the same.

Felicia: “Hey, Gabby is still going to Barrie. Want to come and help?”
Me: “Yes I’m down.” Continue reading Day One: Even a Craft Show can Cause Pain