Fringing Out

Hello lovelies,

Macrame has been my hobby of choice for almost 2 years now, but this is the first time I’m bringing it to my blog.

Large and medium wall hangings are the pieces I would love to do more often but rarely do I find the time and focus to complete one. My first large-ish piece was one I called the Shayla and I sold it on Etsy last year. It was such an amazing to feeling to have someone love my work as much as I did.

This new piece isn’t large but is definitely one I love just as much as my first.



I don’t have a name for this piece yet but maybe by the end of this post I will.

I started with a piece of driftwood that my daughter and I scavenged from Lake Ontario, it was a beautiful piece and I just needed to cut off the ends (they hadn’t stood the test of time and water as well as the rest)


I used lark’s head knot to attach my cord to the driftwood. You can attach your cord in any way you like but I love the look of a lark’s head knot when working with wall hangings. Then I went in with a criss-cross pattern using a diagonal double half hitch knot. To finish off the row I added in two strands per each bottom row of cord and then did a double layer of half hitch knots underneath. Adding the extra cord really helped with the final step.

The middle needed a little something so I used two long spiral knot strands connected in the middle the a simple square knot. I found a beautiful stone pendant at Michael’s that felt like it would work so well so I added it in.


Combing out the bottom fringe was not my intention when I started, but the cord I used for this piece was so soft I had to brush it out and let every strand flow.

This wall hanging was such a blast to make and every layer brought out a little more beauty. I can’t wait to get to the next one.


XoXo, Eva

DIY Marble Deco Clock

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My Favourite Youtubers

Hey lovelies,

January is already over!! Wait? When did it even start?

I cannot believe everything that has changed in the last few months. Peyton + Alex (my online store) is up and running and our new SS17 collection is being produced as we speak!

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2 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

Happy Holidays Lovelies,

I woke up this morning and finally saw snow on my driveway so I suppose it is holiday time. LOL.

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Hello Lovelies,

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A Quick Foundation How To

Hello Lovelies,

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