6 Days of Accessorizing

Hi Lovelies,

Getting back to the swing of things has been insanely difficult, but I am determined to succeed.

I’ve been inspired by the “5 Days of…” series by Lucie Fink on refinery 29 and I wanted to challenge myself to do certain things during my week.

This week is accessories… Continue reading 6 Days of Accessorizing

Our Fall Photoshoot!

Hello again lovelies,

I just wanted to share the final product of all of the fall vintages we shot for our store release.

This has been such an eye opening experience so far and I just had to share it with someone. You are exactly the people I thought of!

So. You’re getting the first glimpse.

Thank you all for reading, liking and commenting on my blog posts. I’m so glad that enjoy them and I hope you continue to read along. Whether it be a silly makeup tutorial or a funny story about myself and my crazy business partner.

XoXo ❤ Continue reading Our Fall Photoshoot!

Biggest Friend Challenge Ever

Hello Lovely Readers.

Today I wanted to let you all in on one of the biggest friend challenge I can ever think of.

It all started about three years ago, while I was a college student/full time employee. I’m sure you know the feeling. Trying to juggle school, homework, employment, and a social life in one can be more hectic then driving on the 401 (if you’ve never driven it…it’s the worst thing in the world). Continue reading Biggest Friend Challenge Ever

Viva Las Vegas!

Hello Lovelies,

Left to Right: Jaya, Jenna, Mandy and Me.

Long time, No blog! I know.


So much has happened but in order to go through everything I would probably be writing a novel and I’m not 100% sure you would want to read that. 🙂

Last week my friends and I went on a rather spontaneous trip to Las Vegas (this trip started as a weekend at a cottage) and Even though most people only think about the casinos and clubs Las Vegas/Nevada has a lot more to offer. Continue reading Viva Las Vegas!

We Wander: Getting Natural

Hello Everyone,

I’m a bit behind with my blog post, hotel internet isn’t always the most reliable. I have finally managed to upload a new vlog of our time at the Natural History Museum. It was a fantastic day, most of which I spent making fun of my best friend and irritating her with spelling games and questions. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Enjoy XoXo ❤

We Wander: London Vacation

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been an insane while since I’ve managed to get a blog post out. There is a reason…I’m in London, England!!!!! So happy to be here and the sights are overwhelming, well the ones that we’ve seen.

It’s been a couple days and I have managed to get a small blog post recorded for our first day. I would also like to introduce you to my best friend (pretty much my sister) Felicia, who has decided to put up with my craziness and come along with me.

Here’s our first short vlog, Funnier and better ones to come.

XoXo ❤