Tuxedo Girl

Tuxedo Girl

Hi Lovely Readers, It's been such a warm fall this year and I decided to take full advantage of the warm weather with this flirty outfit. Blazer I bought this tuxedo style blazer last year with in hopes of wearing it to a few occasions during the holiday season but those occasions never happened and [...]

Coachella Inspired Outfits

Hello Lovelies, Week 1 of Coachella is coming to an end and I wish I could say I was reporting live from the fairgrounds. Unfortunately density didn't drag me to LA but I still managed to created a couple looks that I would most definitely have worn if I were. The Flower Child Flowing and [...]

New Years Sequins

It's almost here guys...New Years!! One of my favourite times of the year. Cute hair, glitter, high heels and fireworks 😀 Here are a few sequin looks that I have been drowling over and contemplating for my New Years Eve night. The Sequin Dress: You can't go wrong with the sequin dress during a New [...]