Hello Lovelies,   Two days complete at my attempt to accessorize and I fell like I am completely falling. My overall plan was to accessorize my daily outfits and I pretty much tossed a piece or two of jewelry on with what I am wearing, whether it works with the outfit or not. MONDAY Monday [...]

NYC Adventure Pt.2

Hello Lovelies, To continue with my New York Story...We made our way to the MET. What a fantastic segway into the afternoon. Jenna had a killer Gossip Girls moment and posed on the steps in true Serena Van Der Woodsen style. Egyptian history is definitely my thing, so naturally it was the first place we [...]

Happy-ish Two Months

It's been just about two months since I decided to stop shopping for a year. It feels more like 8 months... It has been made quite apparent from my friends and family that I'm much more snarky and angry than before I gave up my shopping habit. I'm not gonna lie. I really hate not [...]