My 5 Matte Makeup Saviours

Hello Lovelies,

So sad summer is over but I even though the cold is coming we have a bunch of things to look forward too. PSL are back at Starbucks, Halloween makeup tutorials are coming and NYFW is here!

Even though summer is gone I wanted to share the makeup that saved my face while I sweltered and sweat in the Toronto summer heat. Continue reading My 5 Matte Makeup Saviours

A Soft & Easy Evening Look

Don’t you just love going out? Hanging with the girls (or guys), dinners, clubs, movies? I enjoy it too. Unfortunately I haven’t done much of it recently, but I still like trying out new makeup looks even if I have to pretend I’m going out.

During a recent trip to Sephora I found myself with two new eyeshadow palettes; The Kat Von D Eye Contour Palette and the Tarte in Bloom Palette.

This is a look I mixed up while playing with both sets. Continue reading A Soft & Easy Evening Look

Valentines Day Wishlist

Welcome to the weekend Lovelies,

Okay so it’s Friday but the weekend is essentially started. I don’t know about you but here in Ontario we have a beautiful long weekend coming to us because of Family Day. Valentines day is made that much better.

Celebrating Valentines Day is a tad bit different for me though. My crazy boyfriend also happens to share the day for his birthday. It makes for a pretty interesting day all in all. He mostly complains that on his birthday he still has to buy me a gift….I don’t see anything wrong with that 😀

Nevertheless every year I has a list of things I absolutely love but don’t want to ask him to buy for me; I like seeing if he can guess (he never guesses right) but the presents are still fantastic.

Continue reading Valentines Day Wishlist