#GIRLBOSS….In Training

Hello Lovelies,

New Logo FBBeing an entrepreneur is hard, tiring and SO worth it. I have learned so much already and taught myself how to do things I truly never thought I would be able to self-teach. My friend and I have created a website and an etsy page, started a written blog, TWO youtube channels and we still have such a long way to go. I just wanted to share some of the things I have come to realize so far while on the business women adventure. Continue reading #GIRLBOSS….In Training

March Skincare Faves

Hi Lovelies,

Skincare is so very important to me. I absolutely love makeup but the last thing I want to do is cake up my pores. Our skin already suffers from air pollution, stress and diet so giving it a little TLC is always a good thing. Having great skincare products can also help the longevity of your makeup looks and the amount of product you have to use on your face.

I know it’s already almost May but I’ve had this post sitting unfinished for weeks! (real talk) I’ve been so swamped with work/life my blog life is falling stagnant 😦 Nevertheless it is complete now for your viewing pleasure.

I love testing out new skincare products but these are some of my staples, the ones I will be keeping in rotation no matter what. Continue reading March Skincare Faves

My Favourite Youtubers

Hey lovelies,

January is already over!! Wait? When did it even start?

I cannot believe everything that has changed in the last few months. Peyton + Alex (my online store) is up and running and our new SS17 collection is being produced as we speak!

Okay well enough about that, Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite beauty bloggers on youtube right now. New Year/New Bloggers! Continue reading My Favourite Youtubers

My 5 Matte Makeup Saviours

Hello Lovelies,

So sad summer is over but I even though the cold is coming we have a bunch of things to look forward too. PSL are back at Starbucks, Halloween makeup tutorials are coming and NYFW is here!

Even though summer is gone I wanted to share the makeup that saved my face while I sweltered and sweat in the Toronto summer heat. Continue reading My 5 Matte Makeup Saviours

Stila Correct and Perfect Palette Review

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

Colour correcting has always been a crucial part of makeup application for many people but lately I’ve been seeing it pushed more into the spotlight. I recently bought the Stila Correct and Perfect Palette and so far I am really seeing how a good colour correct can change everything. Continue reading Stila Correct and Perfect Palette Review

Valentines Day Wishlist

Welcome to the weekend Lovelies,

Okay so it’s Friday but the weekend is essentially started. I don’t know about you but here in Ontario we have a beautiful long weekend coming to us because of Family Day. Valentines day is made that much better.

Celebrating Valentines Day is a tad bit different for me though. My crazy boyfriend also happens to share the day for his birthday. It makes for a pretty interesting day all in all. He mostly complains that on his birthday he still has to buy me a gift….I don’t see anything wrong with that 😀

Nevertheless every year I has a list of things I absolutely love but don’t want to ask him to buy for me; I like seeing if he can guess (he never guesses right) but the presents are still fantastic.

Continue reading Valentines Day Wishlist

Day 11

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

I never really paid much attention to my skin. Since this is my final year in school, I finally decided to give it some love. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum is a great addition to your skin routine. Long days and even longer nights of studying starts to show on anyones face and this stuff definitely helps your skin recover. I suffer from dark circles, puffy eyes, lines and a bunch of other signs that I’m an exhausted stressed out college student :). Starting with my GlamGlow Supermud and finishing with the truth serum has given my face some life again.

Don’t let college life ruin your skin LOL.

XoXo ❤

No makeup needed

Day 7

Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple

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Whether you like to eat them or not, you have got to give this line of products a try. I am absolutely in love with every piece of it. The soft but sweet scent of winter candy apple always puts a little smile on my face and even on the coldest days, reminds me of summer fun, carnivals and fireworks.

Just because it’s called winter candy apple doesn’t mean it’ll leave you feeling a chill.

XoXo ❤