A Vacation Under the Sea

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been far to long. But I am happy to say I am back and happy to type away to all of you. Summer is such an amazing time; sun, tanning, outdoor shopping, beaches, and travel. After being back from London I still had the travel bug (well I always have the travel bug….just not the travel wallet). My boyfriends parents came to visit us and we thought this would be a great occasion to make a mini vacation of Toronto.  Continue reading A Vacation Under the Sea

3 Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

Hello My Lovely Readers,

A lot of my friends and family ask me what my style is or where I get my clothes. I’m a plus sized girl and I used to find it so difficult to dress my body.

I am blessed with wide hips and a small waist so a majority of my life was spent wearing jeans with belts that would eventually make the crotch of every pair of jeans I had look like I was ruching them or I would get the weird gap in the back of my pants. Continue reading 3 Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

Coachella Inspired Outfits

Hello Lovelies,

Week 1 of Coachella is coming to an end and I wish I could say I was reporting live from the fairgrounds. Unfortunately density didn’t drag me to LA but I still managed to created a couple looks that I would most definitely have worn if I were. Continue reading Coachella Inspired Outfits