It Started With My Knees

Friday Apr 16th:

I’ve essentially spent the last week in utter agony. My knees (mostly the left) have been burning and extremely sore.

I decided to take the plunge and stand on the scale. Why do you ask would knee pain spark the idea? Those wondering must have never had joint issues and gone to the doctor about them. The first thing out of a doctor’s mouth is “exercise or physical activity is going to help reduce the issue”, so I figured I had to see what I was working with. Continue reading It Started With My Knees

A Plus-sized Rant

IMG_6674So I have been on this planet for a few years now and my love for fashion has done nothing but increase. Skimming social media sites I always see different topics that talk about plus sized people (both positive and negative). Being a plus sized woman myself I have experienced both positive and negative reactions to my body. Continue reading A Plus-sized Rant