Tuxedo Girl

Tuxedo Girl

Hi Lovely Readers, It's been such a warm fall this year and I decided to take full advantage of the warm weather with this flirty outfit. Blazer I bought this tuxedo style blazer last year with in hopes of wearing it to a few occasions during the holiday season but those occasions never happened and [...]

NYC Adventure Pt.2

Hello Lovelies, To continue with my New York Story...We made our way to the MET. What a fantastic segway into the afternoon. Jenna had a killer Gossip Girls moment and posed on the steps in true Serena Van Der Woodsen style. Egyptian history is definitely my thing, so naturally it was the first place we [...]

What A Great Birthday

Hello my lovely readers, I am so happy to blog two great things today.  1. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY Birthdays are my absolute favourite thing to celebrate. Even if they aren't mine. AND 2. 1000 likes. Wow guys!!! This is all because of you. You have been amazing with all of your likes and comments it [...]